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"That's where I want to go"

An article written in the New York Times, highlighted one of George Bush’s final conversations with his long time friend, James Baker. When Mr. Baker was asked by the former president, “Where are we going?” His answer was what every Christian desires to hear-

"We’re going to heaven,” Mr. Baker responded.”

Can you imagine facing the final moments of your life and not know where you’re going? Many don’t even give life after death a second thought, and yet eternity is set in the heart of every human being. (Ecclesiastes 3:11) Many of us may think life ends when we die, but deep down inside, we all wonder… what if it doesn’t? What if there’s something more?

“That’s where I want to go,” President Bush replied.”

For the Christian believer, heaven is our true home. Our life here on earth is simply a passing of time where we are called to live out each day as kingdom children, praying to be all who God calls us to be. Yet despite our efforts, we fail daily. Every one of us came into this world as a fallen human being filled with evil and hate, rebellious towards God. He knew this about us and therefore heaven would never be a possibility unless He intervened. Thankfully that’s exactly what God did. Jesus came into the world as both God and man, and sacrificed His own life to save us from our sins. He even forgave those who were responsible for His death.

The Bible makes it clear the final destination for every human being is either heaven or hell. There is no in between. The question is, where do you want to go?

If you’ve never seriously considered this question, make it a priority. You will go somewhere after leaving this earth. And Jesus desires that we would be with Him in the heavenly kingdom. For this we say, Merry Christmas!

Source: New York Times, Dec 1, 2018 on page A26

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