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Jennifer W. Johnson


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The Kingdom Child

Available on Amazon or wherever books are sold. Click here to order your copy:

This story reveals what a Kingdom Child is supposed to look like. It was inspired by a fourteen-year-old boy named Jordan Allen who learned his divine purpose would be revealed while fighting for his life. While in and out of a coma, Jordan discovered it's not physical death we should fear, but spiritual death that leads us down one of two pathways; heaven or hell. We may think we're on the pathway to heaven when actually our own free will has led us astray. This book will pierce the soul of every reader as they discover the authenticity of their own faith, especially in their darkest moments.There's a life that leads to death, and a death that leads to life. Only a Kingdom Child can know the difference.

Proceeds benefit the Allen family.


My Bio

Meet Jennifer Johnson

Thank you for visiting my web site. Here's a little background about me. I grew up in the Midwest and currently live in Texas. I became tired of the winters, but admittedly miss the fall colors in October. My first book, "What Have You Done For Me Lately?" is about the presence of God in corporate America. It's easy to be a Christian on Sunday. The real test is living out one's faith on Monday morning. Writing is my passion and I'm currently working on my third novel. I have a wonderful husband named Steve and two great kids; Mandy and Travis. Both are in college and we are so proud of their accomplishments. Faith and family are my inspiration,
along with a nice cup of coffee in the morning.
Please provide me your email  at the bottom of this page for a chance to win a free copy of my book, The Kingdom Child and also receive updates on our events. I will also be starting my blog next month. Thanks so much! I look forward to meeting you :-)

Upcoming Events

Meet the Allen Family

Meet the Allen Family

Join us next month to meet the family who inspired the book, The Kingdom Child. From left to right; Paige, Rosalyn, Sam and Bear. We will update you shortly when this event is confirmed at Barnes and Noble, Sugar Land Texas.

Audiovisual Conference

Bible Studies Happening Soon!

Join us every Thursday evening from 6:30pm to 7:30pm for our book club, featuring The Kingdom Child. Jennifer will facilitate a Bible study and discuss how this book is applicable to accepting trials in our lives as a way of growing in our faith.

Waiter with Champagne Flutes

Book Signing Events

Join us for wine and appetizers and an opportunity to meet Jennifer Johnson for her book signing event to be held at one of Houston's premier home and decor stores. Proceeds benefit the Allen family

Please email me at: for speaking engagements.

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